Friday, October 14, 2016

Walking On The Sea (John 6:16-24)

After Jesus had fed the 5000 he went up to on a mountain to be alone and pray by himself. For some reason his disciples decided to leave him and they departed by boat to cross the sea to Capernaum. A strong wind came up and the disciples found themselves rowing for several miles. Jesus comes to them walking on the sea.  He told them not to be afraid. When they brought him into the boat, they found themselves on the shore of the land to which they were going. The crowd that had been fed the day before were looking for him and set out after him on the sea.

It's almost comical. Jesus and his disciples are trying to get away from the crowds who are in hot pursuit. They want something from Jesus but he is leaving them all behind. How often do we see people seeking Christ for the wrong reasons? How often to we ourselves seem to be reaching out to him, yet he seems so distant? Maybe this is a good reminder to check ourselves. Ask yourself, what do I really want from Jesus? Is if what Jesus wants for me?

The sea is raging. The wind is howling. Here comes Jesus walking on the water. He can feed thousands. He can speak the universe into existence and hold it all together. He is capable of anything. Are we only seeking to be blessed by miracles, signs, and wonders? Or, do we seek the truth and his love? Lord show me what I really need.

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