Monday, September 8, 2014

Ugandan Kids Choir at New Life

The Ugandan Kids Choir (formerly Ugandan Orphans Choir)  came to visit us at New Life on September 7th at 7pm. This was a free event. No tickets were required and we had over 100 people from several different local churches come out to support the kids. We had 3 member homes volunteer to host the kids and their chaperons while they were with us. Some of us even went to see the kids perform at several different local churches on their next stops. If you have a chance to see these kids perform, go!
The children in the Ugandan Kids Choir are known for their musical talents and their joyful performances. They sing traditional African songs, play authentic African instruments, and dance in their colorful African attire.
The Choir is a ministry of Childcare Worldwide, which has been devoted to empowering children in the developing world since 1981. Childcare Worldwide serves children in nine developing countries by taking care of their physical, spiritual, and educational needs.