Friday, October 7, 2016

Is He the Christ? (John 4:27-28)

The woman from the well was told by Jesus himself that he is the Messiah. She drops her water jar and goes off asking others, "Is he the Christ?... Come see this man who told me all I ever did. He knows all." He is the Christ. How easily do we doubt? We look for confirmation not from him but from others. Is his word not enough?

  • Jesus' food is to do the will of his father. It is what feeds him and nourishes him.
  • What he most wants now is to let his disciples know that the fields are white for the harvest. Notice the context = He took them to Samaria to point this out - The fields are white (ready) among those whom they would consider to be their natural enemies/rivals.
  • Lord help me to see as you see

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